Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Do you know dakon?


Kids Play Dakon

Dakon, one of  my past childhood game in Indonesia. There are so many names from this games sometimes it is called congkak, and Philippines people called it Sungka. Well, I think sometimes in the past, this game become famous especially in south east Asia region. This game is very much favoured by children, mostly girls, in Indonesia. I don't know why girl likes it so much. It is a typically Javanese games which is played when girls come together to have fun. They get really excited all through the game, smarting each other in the process.

Before starting to play, let I tell you the things to be prepared. They are as follows:

A solid block of wood, measuring about 2 feet long, 7 inch wide and 2 inch thick, on which two rows of shallow holes are carved out lengthwise. Each row has six holes. In addition, there are another two bigger holes; one at each end. Both ends of the wood are curved, as you can see in the picture above.

As a rule, we must prepare 72 seeds of soursop, to be nut on the 6 holes, each having six.
And here we go.

How To Play :

Let us suppose Sumiyem plays the game with Painem. First of all, Sumiyem is ready to play. She begins by taking the whole seeds at any hole facing her. The seeds then are dropped one by one in the following holes, including in the one at the end, to be later called the "home" hole. On and on she goes, until she has no more seeds in her hand.

To get another supply of seeds to continue to play, Sumiyem must take the seeds of the holes in which she drops the last seed previously taken, then she continues the round. Possibly the amount of the seeds taken will be six. It is not until she drops the last seed in an empty hole that she could stop playing. The game is now taken over by Painem, who does the same round as Sumiyem has just done.

It goes alternately on and on until none of them has any seeds in their hands. All they have to do now is count the seeds in their own home holes minus the seeds still left in her holes; that's the way to count the end result. Suddenly Sumiyem smiles proudly, face beaming after knowing that the amount of the seeds in her home hole, is more than Painem's, Sumiyem the winner, proudly glances at the wry face of Painem, who turns out to be the loser.